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All about Bakirkoy

Bakırköy, west of Istanbul is the history of Istanbul It is known as an entertainment and summer resort.

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The district is on the European side of Istanbul, along the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is bordered by Küçükçekmece and Bahçelievler to the north and Zeytinburnu to the east. The former largest airport in the city, Atatürk Havalimanı, is located in district Mahalle Yeşilköy.

Bakirkoy is one of the most popular districts in Istanbul and It is one of those districts that is ideal for the middle class people. It is not so expensive as to be considered a luxury, nor is it so low standard that it is not suitable for living and that is what makes it popular and attracts immigrants

Bakirkoy features

Investment: Bakirkoy is one of the most sub-centers of Istanbul, which is characterized by the high social, cultural and material level of residents in this area, It is considered one of the areas rich in luxury residential complexes, which is a promising field for real estate investment for local and foreign investors because Bakirkoy has enjoyed all the elements of a successful


Transportation: The area includes many transportation lines that provide ease of movement to and from the Bakirkoy area, and this is an important factor in the success of real estate investment in there.


Health centers: The Bakirkoy area includes the most important health centers and important government and private hospitals such as Sadi Konuk Hospital and Dunyagoz Hospital.


Beach: Bakirkoy beach is a short straight coastline with turquoise water and brown sand, so you don’t need special shoes. The sharpness of entering the water is quite normal. This beach is suitable for different categories of people, lonely travellers, relaxation getaway lovers etc. It is not crowded place during the season.
Shoppingmall: Good to know that Bakirkoy is one of the best areas in Istanbul for shopping. There are mentioned some great malls

Capacity Alisveris Merkezi

Flyinn Mall

Ataköy Plus Mall

Galleria Shopping Mall

Atrium Alışveriş Merkezi