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Asian and European side of Istanbul

Istanbul is the only megalopolis in the world that extends over two Asia and Europe continents. Europe and Asia are separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. There are three very large suspension bridges that connect the European and Asian shores of Istanbul

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The Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, is a destination for everyone who loves the lush nature and enjoys the pleasant atmosphere away from overcrowding and overcrowding in transportation, markets and people

The districts on the Asian side of the city are  home to many historical, and modern points of interest, and perhaps offer the best view of the Marmara Sea and the Prince Islands in all of Istanbul.


  • Unlike the popular belief, the city of Istanbul was established in the Asian part (Kadıköy region now).
  • The Asian side is older than the European side, as there were many settlements around the Kadıköy region.
  • The European side is more populated than the Asian side. Due to the fact that it is the center of commerce, business and industry, on the other hand, the Asian side is known as the ward of Istanbul. Because of its calm and picturesque nature.
  • There are green areas widely spread in the Asian side as well as in the European side.
  • Public transport means (public bus lines) are available on the European side, twice their availability on the Asian side, while the availability of railway networks (public trains) on the Asian side are twice more compared to their availability on the European side.
  • The Asian side is higher than the European side due to the highest hills there, Çamlıca and Aydos.
  • The coastline on the Asian side is more beautiful and organized than the European side, where on the Asian side there are large areas for running, walking and cycling starting from Kadıköy along Fenerbahce Park reaching Caddebostan beach until Maltepe.
  • The number of hotels on the European side is more than the Asian side because the European side is the center of attraction for business, trade and tourism.
  • The European side is characterized by having many shopping centers and malls compared to the Asian side.
  • Night life is more active on the European side compared to the Asian side.
  • There are too many public and private universities on the European side compared to the Asian side.
  • More information about the most important residential projects overlooking the coast of Maltepe in the Asian side of Istanbul.