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Things to Know Before Living in Turkey

The question many people wonder about is whether it is worth it to move to Turkey. In this article, we will consider some of the advantages of living in Turkey.

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  • Student living costs in this country are lower than other countries such as Germany, France and Canada.
  • Turkey has a good healthcare system, but it can be expensive for foreigners. It is recommended to get health insurance before moving to Turkey or to consider getting a job that includes healthcare benefits.
  • With a Turkish passport, one has access to visa free travel or visa on arrival options across 110 destinations around the world. This includes travel to popular countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore among others
  • The investment program also extends to an applicant’s family members
  • Turkish citizens are eligible for an E-2 Investor Visa in the USA. The visa can be renewable for a period of five years
  • Exclusive access to European, Western Asian, and Middle Eastern markets
  • The Turkish climate is very agreeable and has perfect weather in four seasons of the year. This provides a charming area for tourists and makes it the perfect place to invest in properties like hotels and apartments. The mild climate makes property Turkey very attractive and value-winning.
  • Turkey is a Eurasian country in the Middle East region. This developed country was built on the basis of the republican system and has access to the sea from three directions: north, south and west
  • Individuals can enjoy a high quality of life, an amazing climate, and a welcoming population
  • The cost of Living in Turkey varies depending on where you live. Larger cities like Istanbul and Ankara tend to be more expensive than smaller towns and villages. The cost of living in Turkey is 60% lower than in the US and the rental cost is 85% lower than in the US.
  • Turks are Friendly people they generally known for being friendly and welcoming to foreigners. This can make the transition to living in a new country a little easier
  • Turkey Is female friendly. In Turkey, women are free. Free to dress how they want , go where they want, drive, work, etc. On the surface, some parts of Turkey feel like Mediterranean Europe.
  • you shouldn’t be too concerned about crime in most parts of Turkey. Turkey is a fairly safe country, especially for women
  • Drinking is legal in Turkey. Alcohol is served in many restaurants and sold at grocery stores and kiosks.
  • The most important disadvantage of living in this country that we can mention is related to its language. The people of this country usually speak to everyone in Istanbul Turkish and have little command of English