This method, is the best way of immigration, you will receive a Turkish passport after 2 months and you will become a citizen of this country, but for this method you need 400 thousand dollars to buy a house.

For investing in Turkey, you must first open a bank account . you can open an international account in Ziraat Bank with your Iranian passport.
This investment can be through registering campany, a bank deposit and starting a business, etc…

In order to study in Turkey, you have to get admission of public universities, before that you have to take the “YOS” exam and if accepted, you can study in the university. After being admitted to the university and registration, you can stay and get the educational visa

One of the easiest ways and at the same time the most reliable way to immigrate is through buying a property.
With this method, you can obtain turkish citizenship for yourself and your family.

According to the 2022 laws you have to buy over 75,000 dollars in big cities and 50,000 dollars in the small cities to take visa

If you know the Turkish language and have professional expertise, you can apply for immigration through work so you need to get a Turkish work visa.
After receiving the work permit, you will also get government medical insurance.
In Turkey, working without a permition is illegal and includes penalties.
When you work illegal and the goverment discovered, you will be directly transferred to the deportation Center and they will deport you to the Iran in two weeks .
this arrest and deportation is done in such a way that, unfortunately, even the person is not allowed to collect his belongings and no time to retern his home