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We do provide services to register a company  in Turkey  and provide other company governance services for foreign persons and companies. We assist clients to start their businesses and their swift migration to Turkey.

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We can form your company remotely if you are not in Turkey, however, the setup process will be longer and cost more.


Our company formation lawyers are experienced in a limited company, joint stock company, branch office, liaison office, and free trade zone company formation, management, and governance in Istanbul and Iran

Before registering a company in Turkey, it is important to get acquainted with the types of companies in this country. This familiarity helps the foreign investor to define his company in accordance with Turkish law and not have any problems in terms of the company’s reputation.


According to the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC), companies exist in “joint stock” and “non-joint stock” forms. A company established in the form of a “joint stock” is defined as a legal entity independent of the company’s shareholders.

While in a “non-joint stock” company, the owners have their own privileges in defining the legal personality of the company.

The types of joint stock companies that can be registered in Turkey are listed below:

– Joint Stock Company

– Limited Liability Company


The type of “non-joint stock” company is determined by the amount of participation. The amount of participation that exists for “non-joint stock” companies in Turkey and is defined in the Turkish Commercial Code is as follows:

– General Partnership

– Limited Partnership

– Partnership Limited by Shares


Starting a business and registering a company in Turkey is a prelude to obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in this country. Therefore, registering a company is a good solution for investors who intend to live permanently in Turkey.

If you are looking to register a company in Turkey, Inception estate Company can accompany you in this path with the benefit of Turkish experts and lawyers.

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