Buying property in Turkey

Whether you’re a first-time property buyer, or an investor looking to expand your real estate portfolio, we are here to help you understand and simplify the buying process by providing all the necessary information

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People looking for long-term investments can rely on Turkey’s real estate market because these prices have the potential to offer lucrative ROI

The cost of buying property in Turkey is quite low, compared to many other countries. This makes investing in houses, commercial units and land are very attractive. In the coming years, prices are expected to increase considerably, as this country will eventually join the European Union.

Compared to many countries, the cost of living in Turkey is really very low. You can buy property in Turkey with a great deal, less money and with a high return on investment.

One of the biggest reasons foreign nationals are keen on buying property in Turkey is the extensive choices of luxury and budget, new build, off-plan, renovated apartments and villas, and resale. From luxury homes with sea views to basic and budget apartments, the choices are plenty. Buyers don’t have to compromise on their dream of buying any property in Turkey.

One of the obvious advantages of purchasing property in Turkey is the favorable visa regime and the easy procedure of obtaining a residence permit. Citizens of many countries can visit Turkey for tourism purposes without wasting time and money on visa application. And, owners of residence permits can enjoy beautiful climate, picturesque landscapes everyday without leaving the country. Moreover, already after 5 years property owners can apply for Turkish citizenship and become equal citizents of this wonderful country.

At Inception estate  we specialize in helping clients from all around the world apply for residency programs and Turkish citizenship and property acquisition in Turkey. Contact us to get more information and speak to one of our experts.